1st Quarter Market Observations

Jim McLeod April 10, 2012

It is my opinion that our market is continuing its improvement that started last fall. Inventories are still well below last year and there is more confidence in our economy. Our prices seem to be continuing the upward trend and I see no reason for this not to continue. The questions going forward is how much and for how long and my answer is I do not have a crystal ball but let’s go for the ride. In any location and because real estate is local there are always better investments for appreciation so the real question becomes where do you park your money. In any market specific neighborhoods and even right down to the streets in that neighborhood may represent different values and opportunities. List to sales percentages, days on market are two key things buyers and sellers need to look at when placing a value on a particular property.

I think there are 3 questions that you need to ask your realtor before you start to work with them and they are:

1) What is philosophy about real estate?
2) Where do you put your personal investments?
3) Why should I work with you?

I look forward to discussing my philosophy to any of the above questions.

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