3P’s of Home Selling

The 3P’s of the Home Selling Process

What do you as sellers precisely want from us as agents? The National Association of Realtors put that question to sellers. These are their findings:

  • 23% want their agent to: Help the seller market their home to potential buyers
  • 14% want their agent to: Help find a buyer for their home
  • 20% want help: Selling within a specific timeframe
  • 19% want help: Pricing their homes competitively

Sellers today have a tremendous amount of transparency into the home selling process. With just a quick Google search, you can discover the basics of what it takes to sell a home. What’s more you are much more informed on the basics of marketing. You expect us as agents to be as aware as you are of the latest marketing avenues and techniques, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing and more.  With all of this information available you require from me specifics on how I help people sell your home quickly and for more money. To satisfy this requirement I must go into details of my home sales and marketing strategy and most importantly why my strategy will work for you the seller.

The 3P’s of the Home Selling Process is a concept Jim McLeod uses as a means to inform and engage you the seller in my unique home selling process.

 I share the 3P’s before we meet which allows me to cover our services in more depth during our discussion. This helps educate you and also brings you in as a partner in the process of selling your home. This way you better understand your role and contribution to this process as well as the value I bring as your real estate agent.

The question most sellers never ask is:  Why should I Work with You?

My answer to that question is my  Unique  Selling  Proposition, my experience, my knowledge, my negotiation  expertise, and I own the brokerage so you are dealing with the owner.  This is where the 3P’s of the home selling process come in to explain my Unique Selling Process.


When selling your home, the first thing you must do is to prepare your home to be marketed and viewed by potential buyers. That means repairs, staging, and cleanliness. Repairs should be completed before putting your home on the market so you can net the most money from your sale.  I say in my addendum A, clean, clean and clean your home like never before.  Remember that everyone’s definition of cleanliness is different so please have your home show 10 out of 10. Staging can also be a great benefit to selling your home in a quicker period of time and for maximum dollars. Just think of the time you walked thru a builders show home and said I love everything about this home and could move bring my clothes and just move in.




I realize as a seller you see value in many different things and not everyone recognizes value the same way. I believe you need to look at who you think your buyer will be and tailor your marketing and promotion to that person.  I also maintain you need to market your property to the real estate agent community thru the MLS system. With these goals in mind I have created 3 distinctive marketing programs for you to consider. This is like a menu that allows you as the seller to choose what is the best way to communicate with your buyer.