Asking The Question

Jim McLeod February 27, 2014

Like Rod Stewart realtors must adapt to their market to meet their customer’s expectations or fad into the sunset. I sat in on an exceptional seminar on digital listings yesterday. I know that all of my customers both buyers and sellers have started their research on the internet and the majority of them are using their phone, iPad or tablet to do this. This mobility that people are using today means realtors need to change like entertainers do, or we will no longer bring value to our customers. I have struggled with this over the past 3 years and have made some changes by using electronic signatures, Facebook and You Tube. But the real question for me was how do I bring my whole business into the digital age? This seminar turned the light on for me! I have used a real estate coach in my business for years so why not hire a digital coach for my business. I did this yesterday! I start working with my new digital coach in March and I am fired up to start transforming my business and putting it into a mobile format. I believe this is where the real estate business is headed. I do not think anyone can provide the answer to exactly where is our business going, but to be asking the question is important. Is your realtor asking the question?

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