Back To Work…

Jim McLeod August 22, 2012


Oh how I already miss the good Champagne, St Emilion wine and of course the Affogato. I am back from holidays and just getting back into the groove. Our office had our first meeting since the beginning of summer and it was exciting to see everyone and hear about their holidays. Besides discussing the usual things like the market I was surprised and excited when the discussion turned to social media and the direction our brokerage is taking. We have all agreed that we need to turbo charge the changes we are making. This is the most exciting thing I have heard in months! The commitment I have been waiting for all year is now in place from everyone and the journey starts on Friday. I will be writing on this journey over the next three months on such things as making the Ipad our key tech tool for business.

I was reading an article last week that said 61% of agents are thinking about changing brokerages or opening their own. The top three things they are looking for in a broker are technology, culture and confidence. This is the direction we have been moving in for the last 11 months and it is great to get some positive reinforcement about our direction we are taking. We have the technology, we have a great team and we all understand that we cannot afford to be average to succeed in this business today.

On another note Pierre Dhaussy is down to his last few days of his internship and he will be missed by all of us. Pierre has done a fantastic job with all of us old guys getting us excited about making the change in direction I want to pursue with the brokerage. I do not believe that everyone would have bought into the change without his help. He has been an extremely important part of getting this change progressing.

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