Brain Day #2

Jim McLeod September 11, 2012

We had our second brain day today as we continue our technology training. Our training today was on matrix which is our new MLS system. This system is cloud based and it is my opinion it is light years ahead of our old system. Our team showed up and we were the only ones using the Ipad. There are a couple of glitches that need to be worked out with compatibility but it looks like a winner for us as a brokerage and you as the consumer. This means we will have all the information at our finger tips no matter where we are. As our training was progressing today I kept seeing ways that we could involve the buyer in our sales process.

I also was informed today that by 2014 that the sales of mobile devices will overtake desktops and laptops. Seven times more people use their mobile devices for searching than laptops and desktops. Does this mean these people are more motivated? I would say that is a definite yes. In this business it is our opinion that as a realtor you have no choice but to adapt a mobile platform for your business base. I love it!!!

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