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Jim McLeod May 25, 2011

Now That my team has expanded pretty much from a sole operator to 4 members looking after buyers, sellers and property management of Red Deer and surrounding area I have had to take other things into consideration beside just my business. It has taken a long time to attract people who have the same values and principles as myself and who are dedicated to this industry. I realize that luck and the ability to take a risk has played a key part of my business development, we’ve never really had to advertise much as word of mouth and past customer referrals have kept our small company busy. With 4 people and others wanting to discuss coming to play on our team, I’m am looking to broaden our customer base, and branding our name. I have been looking at different business models, specialization, image, brand recognition, marketing strategies, advertising and communication.

It has been suggested to me that I should become very active with social media such as face book, twitter and you tube. At first I was not that interested because I did not understand the format, I did not know if I had anything interesting to say, and I had not followed facebook, tweeting or youtube. Seeing one of our younger team members active in social media has made me reconsider. I guess I cannot remain WL (weak link) as my kids call me and ignore where the business is going and how communication will happen in the future.

I am not sure that print advertising is a big benefit in our business as most people start looking at real estate on the internet today. I trust a personal recommendation rather than an advertisement and marketing for a boutique brokerage in Red Deer I am not sure.

Team growth is great as long as you have the right people but I feel that if we can improve each one of team member’s ability and knowledge we will bring more value to our clients.

If you have ideas you would like to share with us please forward your e-mails to me and look for changes in the social media area from me.

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