Canadians Buying in Arizona

Canadians Frequently Ask . . .

  • What are some of the responsibilities for REALTORS® regarding disclosures to a buyer and seller?

  • Are lawyers required in Arizona?

  • What restrictions are there for Canadian buyers purchasing homes in Arizona?

  • Can Arizona lenders provide financing for Canadian buyers?

  • What is escrow / title?

  • What is earnest money?

  • What are buyer costs at close of escrow/possession?

  • What are the fees associated with BUYING a property in Arizona?

  • What is the seller required to disclose to the buyer regarding the property?

  • What type of inspections and time frames are needed?

  • What is the difference between a short sale and foreclosure?

  • Will Canadian buyers be subject to capital gains tax when they sell their Arizona property?

  • What taxes are foreign persons or a non-resident aliens required to pay?

  • Will Canadians pay tax on rental income generated from Arizona investment property?

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