Normandeau & Glendale

The Normandeau community is just north of downtown Red Deer is conveniently bounded by Gaetz Avenue, offering a straight shot downtown, to the delight of commuters. Much more than a bedroom community though, this charming green neighborhood features lovely homes on generally generous lots, with lots of mature trees enhancing the curb appeal. There’s Normandeau School at the heart of this community and a number of shopping and dining amenities, as well as other services, can be found along 50th Avenue.

Glendale is a North Red Deer residential neighborhood bounded by David Thompson Highway to the south is a quiet, family-oriented area with great housing options. It consists mostly of single detached homes on streets lined with mature trees, though there is a decent variety of low-rise apartment buildings and multifamily units for those preferring to rent. Of note is Glendale Middle School to the North, and the area’s numerous green spaces where locals can enjoy the great outdoors, while some shopping amenities can be found along the highway.


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