An Education Cloud Over Our Market

Jim McLeod February 20, 2012

It’s an undisputed truth that whatever you feel comfortable spending on your home it’s never enough. While I write this I have various ongoing searches ranging from a first time home to lakefront cabin. They are all challenging to find but I do seem to be getting closer to the mark on most of them. With all buyers I am learning to manage their expectations in other words help my buyers understand what they will get for their budget and steering them in that direction whether it is location, price, size or condition. Now my real works starts. This means I need to be an optimist, realist and stay positive.

Looking for a new property should be a great adventure including some fun and some learning. On the other side when you see the right property you need to put the wheels in motion. I do not want to be perceived as a pushy agent but one who listens. I like to have the buyer tell me if they could live in property and I like to discuss value.

With the three of us in the office now, soon to be four, I feel we can cover most areas in our market. It is my opinion I am better off to be a master of my market-sphere rather than spread my knowledge too fine.

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