Fee for Service – How Can I Save You Thousands of $$$$

Jim McLeod March 9, 2013

As the market changes everyone including buyers and sellers need to make adjustments. But guess what? Real estate agents need to make adjustments to their business model also. As of March 1, 2013 I have made a fundamental addition to how I charge for my real estate services. I have added a FEE FOR SERICE MENU. What is a fee for service menu and what are the benefits to you the seller? My interpretation of a Fee For Service Menu is similar to a restaurant menu where you get everything a la carte and you get to pick off a menu any extras you wish to eat. I offer different basic fees and then you get to pick the services you wish to use to market your property. The benefit to you the seller is that you only pay for the services you see value in and you get to make those decisions. My menu of services is very extensive and complete. I am very excited to introduce this new innovative marketing program. Please give me a call, text, e mail to see how I can save you thousands of $$$$.

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