Happy New Year Everyone

Jim McLeod February 9, 2014

This is my wakeup call to get back to work. I would like to firstly thank everyone for their support with my business last year and I hope everyone is looking forward to 2014 as much as I am. Change is a constant in business and it is my opinion that we are going to see a lot of changes in the real estate business this year. The Real Estate Council of Alberta (our governing body) is mandating some changes that I think are much overdue. These changes come in the way of contract changes and customer representation. The other exciting change comes in the way of how the contract is communicated and how it is signed. We will see way more use of dashboard and electronic signatures which many of you know I have been using for years.

On the personal side of this business one of my goals this year is to not get wrapped up when I do not get the information complete on contracts from other realtors. It is my belief that they do not understand that in a personalized quality vs quantity business that we look after your business thru all of its phases. This means including the conveyancing. Most large brokerages have departments that handle this but at my brokerage I do this so I am up to speed at all times.

When I started this brokerage in 2010 I was on my own and I have always thought of myself as a brand. I have been very fortunate that a few other realtors have recognized the same values and principles in business and have brought that to my brokerage. It is also refreshing to know other people do think the same way about their clients. Thank-you Larry and Ed!! To add a young person with a MBA degree to our brokerage has also been fantastic. Pierre is now licensed and brings a superb attitude and different expectations to the table every day. With Pierre’s education and age he will be making demands on us old guys. I am sure you would be excited about business this year if you were me: exceptional clients, fantastic attitude at the brokerage, and a remarkable opportunity to learn. When you see me smiling this year you will get it. What else could you want from a profession?

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