He’s Coming Back!!!

Jim McLeod December 11, 2012

Pierre Vanneau after doing 3 years of internships with me, continuing research and 1 year of negotiating real estate in France is coming back on a permanent basis. For many of you who know Pierre you will understand my excitement and for you that have not met Pierre let me try and explain the benefit of having Pierre working with me. He understands the real estate business in Central Alberta because of his 3 years of doing his internship with me. He knows what it will take to succeed in this business and with his education, huge desire, and most of all he wants to be here in Red Deer and make it his home. Most importantly Pierre understands what it takes to work with me and what my expectations are. Pierre initialized our social media program and I am positive he will be able to help us transition our business going forward. The opportunity to have a young man with this type of education, technology know how, desire, excitement, willingness to share, and to understand and contribute to moving our brokerage forward does not happen very often. I am very fortunate to have an opportunity like this. I can hardly wait!

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