Introduction of Pierre Dhaussy

Jim McLeod April 9, 2012

I would like to introduce and welcome Pierre Dhaussy to our team at Sanctuary Real Estate Ltd. Pierre is from the North of France and is in his 3rd year of a 5 year international business degree at ESCIP International Business School. Pierre’s previous degree in business and experience will allow him to bring a different view to our business. Pierre’s job here will be to analyze different parts of our business operation and implement changes resulting in improvements to our customer experience, day to day operation, social media interaction, and any other areas of our business that he thinks he can make a difference in. As a personal opportunity I am looking to broaden my view of how I look at the business of real estate which will make me a better agent. I always say anytime you need to teach anything you become better at it. When you contact our office and get a French accent on the phone you have the right place. Welcome Pierre and we look forward to your input on improving our business.

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