March 2016 Market Update

Jim McLeod April 3, 2016

The pace of sales in Red Deer continues to slow. Sales were down 22% compared to March 2015 time period. Inventory has increased from 540 properties for sale in 2015 to 650 properties for sale in 2016–an increase of 20% as you can see from the market graph below:


You can see the sales are down in just about all price categories. I believe that our inventory levels will continue to increase compared to last year and sales will continue to be off from last year through 2016. With this quantity of inventory for buyers to view your question to your realtor should be: “How are you going to market my home to get buyers to view my home with all of the inventory on the market?” My questions for you are: Can your realtor show you a Digital Marketing Campaign that reaches your home’s buyers? Will your agent price your home with you? I can. Give me a call or email me if you would like to discuss a tailor made Digital Marketing Campaign and a pricing strategy that works in this market.

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