Marketing Plan



The Marketing Plan I have developed draws from many areas of experience and expertise.  I believe I must market your home in more than one traditional way unlike 99% of Realtors do.  With this in mind, below is a summary of my Marketing Plan for your home to get you the Seller the most money in the shortest time with as little inconvenience as possible.

1. MLS – Posted within 24-48 hours after listing
Benefit to you – more agents working on your property.

2. Electronic Lock Box
Benefit to you – Easy access for other realtors to show your home, as well a good security. The Lock Box holds the key to your home and is hung on your door or on the “For Sale” sign. Each Realtor that shows your home is recorded.

3. “For Sale” Sign
Benefit to you – Instant visual exposure to those passing by that your house is for sale.

4. Unique Signage


<= Regular Signage


<= Custom Made Signage

5. Database Server
Benefit to you – My exclusive database of customers is the first place that I look for buyers for your home.

6. Property loaded on my Internet
Benefit to you – Exposure of your property to people everywhere.

7. Property loaded on MLS Website
Benefit to you – Exposure of your property to people everywhere, alongside other comparable homes.

8. OFFICE – Pre-Inspection
Benefit to you – Other Agents in the industry become familiar with your home.

9. Out-Of-Town buyers have convenient access to our listings and purchasing services through our North American Toll-Free Line

Trouble-free access to me and my listing inventory at no cost to the potential purchasers or their Realtors.

10. Relocation Company
Benefit to you – I have access to people who are moving into the city and can expose your home to them first.

11. Feature Sheet
Benefit to you – A brief description of your home to help buyers remember it over the others.

12. Out-Of-Town Buyers
Benefit to you – The more out of town buyers we have access to, the quicker your home can be sold.

13. Professional Real Estate Coach
Benefit to you – Keeps me on the cutting edge of the marketing in Real Estate and gives me a network of realtors to discuss issues with.

14. Real Estate Channel
Benefit to you – Owned by Rogers Communications, who do professional video development and is posted to Youtube, our website and on the Real Estate Channel in Vancouver, Saskatoon and Ontario.

15. Youtube
Benefit to you – All of our listing’s video are uploaded to Youtube.

16. Distribution of high quality information to Agents
Benefit to you – Agents are more familiar with your home and if they have not viewed your home they feel more comfortable showing it.

17. Separate ‘Lookers’ from Buyers
Benefit to you – People who are viewing your home are pre-qualified and ready to buy.

18. Show and Sell your Home
Benefit to you – The more your home is shown, the quicker it can be sold.

19. Contact with You Bi- Monthly
Benefit to you – You are kept up to date with all the activity on your home and relevant changes in the marketplace.

20. Facebook
Benefit to you – I have both a personnel and professional Facebook. Facebook has become the main search engine and your property is expose to many more potential buyer.

21. Linked In
Benefit to you – Helps me create referrals and increases my business network.

22. Direct Mailing
Benefit to you – Enables those around you to “choose your new neighbors.”

23. Handle the Negotiations
Benefit to you – You do not have to worry about the time consuming and complicated negotiations.
24. Contact Realtors for Feedback on Showings
Benefit to you – I look after getting the feedback from everyone who sees your house, so you have all the information.

25. Preferred Relationships with Qualified Contractors, Lenders, and Appraisers
Benefit to you – This ensures that you get the most qualified professionals working for you in a good business relationship.

26. Do a Property Salability Checklist
Benefit to you – I make sure your property is salable.

27. Have an Assistant to Help
Benefit to you – Even when I may be busy, there is always someone working on selling your home.

28. Blog
Benefit to you – I write a real estate blog. Educate customer and give credibility.

29. Video
Benefit to you – Video is another type of media that we use to promote your property.

30. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis on your Home
Benefit to you – It helps you price your home correctly.

31. Offer Services of Strategic Team Members
Benefits to you – I have dealt with a lot of people in all aspects of Real Estate. I can recommend to you some of the best in each field that I have encountered.

32. Offer Suggestions on Improving the Showability of Your Home
Benefit to you – If asked, I can suggest ways to improve curb appeal. The exterior appearance of your house is the first to be seen and the most important. Suggestions of ways to improve the interior also eg: removing clutter and some personal belongings.

I believe that I have the most thorough, best-organized, most thought out and highest results orientated Marketing Plan in the Real Estate Industry. Most importantly, I put my Marketing Plan in writing with a guarantee.


I commit to keep you advised and informed at all times while striving to get you the best price in the shortest time. My aim is to utilize most of these marketing tools particular to your property’s sale. If for any reason I have not fulfilled what is prescribed within this marketing plan, I will authorize a full unconditional release from our listing agreement.

“It Doesn’t Cost Any More To Have The Best!”