Merry Christmas

Jim McLeod December 22, 2011

In December I get out and deliver my calendars in Red Deer and try and catch as many past clients as possible and I am sorry if I missed you. The biggest discussion after what are doing for Christmas always is what is going on the real estate market. This is the most optimistic I have been in a few years about the real estate market in Central Alberta. Our inventories continue on a downward trend compared to last year and it appears demand is starting to pick up. People seem to be moving here for jobs, which is great for all businesses. In my opinion I still think prices will start to show increases next year but who knows by how much. The Royal Bank economic forecast appears to not be as positive as I am but they also look at all of Canada not just Alberta. Everyone I am speaking to this holiday season is very positive and that is real exciting too hear and be around. I hope this attitude rubs off on everyone in 2012. Have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic holiday season!

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