Musing Part One

Jim McLeod December 4, 2011

November 30, 2011 – Part One

AS our market slows down for the Christmas season I get an opportunity to reflect on my business. For me this year has been full of observations on how this business is changing not only with the technology but in how business is done between realtors, sellers and buyers. Some of the changes are great for all parties involved in a real estate transaction and some leave me shaking my head at what is considered normal business practices today. I have had to come to the realization that everyone has a different level of expectations and that the client whether a buyer or seller will make the final decision based on what is best for them. As a real estate agent we are really facilitators in the transaction not the decision makers. As a real estate agent I bring many things to the deal but not all people involved in the transaction appreciate or see value in all I do. I have found this year I have refocused my time on educating my customers on the market, the transaction, the marketing of your home, the offer process, and the closing of the transaction. I find that as a buyer or seller if you are not educated you cannot make any decision. I said earlier this year on my blog that social media would become a focal point of my marketing. Everyone I speak to that is looking for something, anything, is now starting by using some facet of the internet, even my mom. My embracing social media in my marketing plan this year has opened my eyes to many opportunities and made me realize I have so much to learn and to work with. I have spoke to realtors of all ages, from all over the world about social media and I have found myself on learning curve that has been enlightening. I can see so many things I can integrate into my business.

This year I have created new sign posts that have my website stenciled into the post so you can with your smart phone go right to my website. I have a mobile app that you can download and it will give you information on most listings. Many of my for sale signs have intergraded pictures on them so if you do not have a smart phone you can see from the sign what the interior of the home looks like. QR codes have been added to my listings so you have access to all the information. The real estate channel creates a professional video and posts it across Canada. Facebook in the next couple of years appears to becoming my main search engine. I have both a personal and professional Facebook. All of our listings videos are up loaded to Youtube I see so much opportunity with videos and plan on using them extensively over the next few years for marketing, recruiting, commenting on the market and introducing new ideas. Linkedin has become the preferred way now to increase my professional business network. I just finished the course and exams for my e-pro designation from The National Association of Realtors. As you can see I have made an extensive amount of changes that can only create value when working with me as your realtor. This is just the start as I have many ideas I want to experiment with and add to my marketing efforts over the next year and I have great team of individuals to help me.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the New Year I will be looking at the market and other observations about the market and as usual I welcome your comments.

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