Office Renovation Leads To Inspiration

Jim McLeod March 9, 2013


I have been in my office location for 10 years as of January 2013 and I still get excited about going to work at my office. I am not a person who can work from home so I need a place to go to and I wanted to be able to go somewhere that I feel energized. When I did the office interior renovations I wanted an interior that keep me in a great mood, inspired, motivated and a space and location that I enjoyed. The only thing that was lacking in the last few years has been the exterior look of the building. I have now completed renovations on the exterior of the building. The store front of the building has been replaced, signage is being updated and replaced, new windows on first and second floors, and a vestibule was installed on the main floor with heating and lighting. For now as I show up for work my inspiration starts as I admire the storefront. It’s been a while coming.

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