Why Real Estate In 2012

Jim McLeod April 26, 2012

For any of you that read my last post I hope that you got the impression that I am seeing a bull market in many locations when it comes to real estate. I have been talking to realtors, estate agents, and negotiators all over North America and Western Europe in the last two weeks and in every market it is my opinion that we are seeing the same trend take place. That trend is premium locations are appreciating even when the balance of the market is stagnating. Whenever there is political or economic upheaval people look to park money in a stable political environment with a fair legal system that has a framework for property ownership. If you look at the prime locations in London, Paris and New York I am told prices are up by at least 40% since 2008 while the rest of the market is down.

I believe many of these principles also apply to specific locations in Vancouver and Toronto. So where does that leave Alberta especially lakefront at Sylvan Lake. I believe we are missing one of the biggest opportunities to promote our lifestyle on the real estate world stage. With proper exposure of our best properties what type of customer could we attract? If you are looking for a different experience with your next real estate transaction call me and see why you should be working with me.

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