Real Estate Bar Camp 2013

Jim McLeod March 4, 2013

Pierre and I attended this year’s real estate bar camp in Edmonton last week. Yes it was really held in Shanks sports bar. It was sponsored by The Alberta Real Estate Association and The Edmonton Real Estate Board. This is the first bar camp I have been to and I was surprised to see Pierre and myself were the only participants from Red Deer. That was great for networking and seeing how other agents market and manage their businesses. We had a great keynote speaker Kevin Jagger he is a long track speed skater training to become a member of the Canadian team for the world cup. Kevin really hit home with me when he spoke on how he used social media too raise funding so he could compete in races all over the world. Check out his Facebook page at Long Track Long Shot it is very inspirational. My take away for his keynote address was some great social media marketing ideas. We had some great breakout sessions where you get to pick a topic and have a group discussion about that topic so we had many topics being discussed at one time throughout the day. I went to the bar camp wanting to learn how to use a couple of real estate apps for my Ipad and learn how to do better video. Mission accomplished! I think I will attend next year’s bar camp but I plan on getting all my topics on the agenda and inviting top realtors from all over the province for a super group discussion. I think I will probably try and get 4 or 5 top agents together for the whole day to discuss a variety of topics. Think this will be a great way to learn as we are out of our market area and then everyone can bring some incredible knowledge and know-how to the table. Just think of the exposure and benefits that I will have for my business which intern will make Pierre and I better agents. Look for our videos on our blog, Facebook, YouTube, website coming soon to Sanctuary Real Estate.

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