Technology: What Do You Expect From Your Agent

Jim McLeod February 13, 2012

Technology has changed this business over the last few years and it will continue to evolve. As a buyer or seller technology has given you access to almost everything you need and as more information shows up on the internet your expectations as a buyer or seller will also increase. Technology has changed the way buyers and sellers approach the real estate transaction because they have probably already searched different websites looking at photos, virtual tours and comparable properties. This access to information has allowed people to do their homework on their own time and at their own pace. With this confidence the buyer or seller is expecting more from us as agents. It has made us as agents change and adapt, becoming more mobile and virtual. As agents we have seen our margins eroded and costs increase making it necessary to change the traditional way of marketing our real estate services. The new business models such as what I am using here at Sanctuary Real Estate is much more streamlined and therefore more cost efficient. I believe agents in the future will be looking for this streamlined way of doing business to meet their customer’s changing expectations. I have been seeing this over the last few years in my business as my first time buyer’s communication needs are mobile or internet based. I am seeing more and more real estate transactions happen without more than 1 physical meeting. With changing demographics and all time low interest rates I believe that today’s agent has to step up their game and must have a desire to meet the increasing demands from buyers and sellers. I believe the agent has to create a transaction hub connecting everyone involved in the transaction including, buyers, sellers, other realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors all in real time. If you as an agent are still faxing you should be asking if this is consistent with my customers expectations. As a buyer or seller are you asking your agent if he has a virtual business and what is his value proposition?

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